Accept mobile payment in your laundry

The Airwallet Payment App is developed with laundries in student accommodation and multi-housing where convenience and day-to-day flexibility is a must.

Mobile payment app

Your laundry in your pocket

The Airwallet app guides and supports users throughout their entire laundry trip. If they have a busy schedule, they can first check availability and book machines in the laundry booking system of the app. When it’s time, they receive a notification to remind them about their booking, and in the laundry the machine is waiting for them.

They just have to put their laundry into the machine and pay directly from the mobile app with their preferred payment method within seconds. When the cycle is over, they will receive a new notification to remind them about their clothes.

If users encounter any issues, they can always contact our support team directly through the app’s live chat or by calling us. The Airwallet support team specializes in laundry and resolves 92% of cases while the user is still in the laundry. If a machine is malfunctioning, we will offer users the option to report the issue on their behalf to the laundry owner.

Never go to the laundry in vain

Book wherever you are

The Airwallet app has a laundry booking system included. This helps users to make sure that there is a machine available when they want to wash. You can book machines from your workplace, university, or the comfort of your couch, and will first pay when you start the machine.

The app offers the option to send the user a reminder before the booking to make it as convenient as possible to do the laundry.

Accept multiple payment methods

Accept all major debit and credit cards from customers around the world. You can find a list of countries where the app is available here. We continually add more local payment methods to the Airwallet, so contact us, if your payment scheme is missing. Check the complete list.

Get notifications when the laundry is done

We will notify you

While developing Airwallet, we’ve spent hundreds of hours in different laundries. We do, however, still prefer to spend our free time elsewhere and bet your users feel the same way. That’s why we offer to notify them via the mobile app when the machine is ready and their cycle finishes.

Are the machines free?

Check availability

All users of the Airwallet App can check machine statuses directly from their phone, and on most machines see the remaining duration of how long they will still be occupied.

Part of the solution

Want to accept card payments as well?

Anton is developed as an add-on to Airwallet Mobile Payment. Anton respects orders and bookings made from the Airwallet app and vice versa.

This allows regulars to use the booking system and availability features from the Airwallet app, while one-time users still can drop in from the street, and fast checkout with Anton.