Meet Anton

The Cashless Payment Terminal

Grow user adoption by installing the central payment system Anton in your laundry. Anton is the perfect payment solution for laundromats and campsites. The users can pay for their washing or drying cycle within seconds and don’t have to install an app.

It’s really easy

Anton is for everyone

Anton is a central payment point in your laundry with contactless and Chip+PIN. We designed it together with the frontrunners of the laundromat industry, to ensure it is tailored to their everyday needs. With the contactless payment terminal Anton, you get:

  • Acceptance of all major card brands
  • Remote start a machine if a customer experiences a problem
  • Live status on machines and real-time cycle notifications for your app users

Anton is multilingual and speaks 15 languages, making it great for laundromats that cater to tourists or have a diverse user base. Anton is built with Stripe Terminal released in 2018, which is currently available in 21 countries. You can see the countries where the mobile payment terminal Anton is available here.

Accept multiple payment methods

The contactless payment terminal Anton accepts all major debit and credit cards from laundromat customers around the world. We continually add more local payment methods to the Airwallet, so contact us, if your payment scheme is missing. Check the complete list.

Anton is built to last

Securely built

Anton is built in sheet metal with a 10.5“ touch screen guaranteeing a smooth purchase experience for your laundromat users. It’s built with Stripe Terminal that has been adopted by thousands of companies from small startups to large multinational enterprises.

All the Anton payment terminals are monitored from the Airwallet HQ to ensure high uptime on your laundromats. They are updated whenever new features or security updates are required for you to stay compliant.

Shaped in 1.5mm sheet metal

425mm x 180mm with a 10,5″ screen

Secured with built-in tamper detection & Stripe E2EE

Strong 9h tempered glass screen

Meeting the highest standards

Fully PCI compliant
& certified

Airwallet is certified as a PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest standard in payment security. This prestigious certification represents our commitment to safeguarding sensitive data with best-in-class security measures, ensuring that our infrastructure meets the stringent requirements of the global financial industry. Read more

No need for WIFI

Comes with a SIM card

As with the rest of the Airwallet system, Anton isn’t dependent on WiFI either. It comes with a SIM card built-in so you’re up and running in a few minutes after you open the box. In edge cases with cellular networks below 5 Mbps, Anton can still be connected to WiFi to ensure a stable and fast user experience.

Part of the solution

Works together with the app

Anton is developed as an add-on to Airwallet Mobile Payment. The contactless payment terminal respects orders and bookings made from the Airwallet app and vice versa. This allows regulars of a laundromat to use the booking system and availability features from the Airwallet app, while one-time users still can drop in from the street, and fast checkout with the cashless payment solution Anton.