Grow your business

Whether you are a new distributor or market leader with thousands of machines to service, we know laundry is your core operation. Airwallet is not just another payment system, but software developed to automate your business and give you insights to make the right decisions. From detecting errors before they are reported, to automatic revenue sharing with customers.

All tools are included in your laundry management system at no additional cost.

Service your customers

Take Action!

Actions put you in the driver’s seat of your fleet. With ‘Actions’ you are notified about power outages at your laundry sites, machines breakdowns, or configuration errors that can resolve unhappy users. To sum up, a tool that keeps your equipment fleet healthy.

If you’re a laundry distributor servicing equipment on behalf of your customers, you can use ‘Actions’ to go from a reactive to a proactive customer support approach and see your relationship flourish.

Own your UX – (COMING SOON)

Co-brand the app

Take control of your laundry’s branding by co-branding the Airwallet app and Anton. We understand how crucial it is to deliver a personalized user experience that reflects your laundry’s unique identity.

As our valued partner, we let you define your preferred colors and incorporate your logo into our app. By doing so, all the locations under your ownership or service agreement will be shown with your branding, creating a consistent and memorable laundry experience. This way, you can easily promote your business and make your mark in the market. Our co-branded app is completely free of charge. Interested in joining our waitlist? Get in touch with us today and secure your spot.

Make sharing easy

Automate revenue sharing

Our partners who own laundry equipment like to share the profits with their customers, but sharing can be a time-consuming process. That’s why we developed automatic revenue sharing from the Airwallet dashboard. The customer gets their own version of the Airwallet dashboard so they can follow the operations in the laundry. The partner decides what permissions the customer is allowed to perform, and sets the revenue-sharing settings.

Airwallet’s automated monthly reporting saves you and your customers time by reducing paperwork. With this in place, you can focus on growing your business instead of spending time on routine administrative tasks.

Is everything going as planned?

Keep track of your contracts

When investing in new laundries you often bear a high risk on new sites, with poor historical revenue data. With ‘Contracts’ you get new data points for each transaction and ensure your contracts are performing as you planned.

You can also see when your contracts are up for renewal, and stay ahead of your competition. Based on usage and breakdowns we also give you recommendations to extend or renegotiate contracts on your book.