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All about Airwallet

Airwallet is for people driven to change a traditional industry, by staying childishly curious while building the future.

It’s all history

How to be the BEST

Airwallet is founded in Odense, Denmark, as a university spinout. We started in late 2018 developing the first prototypes after classes at the university and found the first local customers. Today Airwallet is the largest payment provider for laundries in the Danish market and is the fastest growing in Europe with great distributors in more than 20 countries. We always strive to create high-quality products and deliver extraordinary support, and therefore all products and software are developed by the team at our headquarters in Odense.

The mission

Our mission at Airwallet is to make laundry payment an easy task for everyone! This includes you whether you are a distributor of laundry equipment, a laundry owner, or a user of a laundry. We focus all our energy on making simple, reliable, and innovative solutions.

A healthy mix of cool people

Meet our great team

Christian B. Mortensen

Co-Founder, CEO

Nickolai K. Isaksen

Co-Founder, Sales Director

Morten U. Voss

Co-Founder, CTO

Product Development

Effie the Pug

Happiness Manager, Doorbell

Rasmus W. Lindholm

Art Director

Thomas S. Elkjær

Product Developer

Emil Rask Aastrup

Marius H. Carlsen

Software Development

Juri Wulff

Lead Developer

Jesper B. Diederichsen

Software Developer

Anders S. Nissum

Software Developer

Steffen Mogensen

Senior App-developer

Sigurd S. Vind

Software Developer

Victor Frank Bruun

Software Developer

Anton Sandbye

Software Developer

Dominic Nguyen

Software Developer

Partner Relationship

Julia Schlögl

Partner Relationship Manager

Lucie Herzog

Partner Relationship Manager


Frederik Strandly

Financial Controller

Customer Success

Kim Wilms

Head of Customer Success

Tobias S. Larsen

Customer Success

Darjan Cindric

Customer Success

US Branch

Carlos M. Sessarego

VP of Sales

Hana Vyroubalova

Customer Success

want to
join the team?

At Airwallet we are constantly growing and on the lookout for curious and dedicated colleagues, who want to create something new.

An environment of growth

Personal growth is in our DNA

At Airwallet we hire people in the early stage of their career and give them the right tools to get off to a great start. We value distributed responsibility, on an open team, where colleagues happily join in on solving your problem.

Airwallet fosters an environment where graduates grow rapidly both professionally and on a personal level. This is achieved by co-creating a Personal Development Plan outlining the team members’ personal & professional goals. Afterward, the team member and mentor analyze and plan how Airwallet can enable the team member to achieve the goals.

Who we are

The team behind Airwallet is highly interconnected which nurtures team agility. It speeds up problem-solving and helps employees reach their goals efficiently. We stay interconnected by having social dining events and traveling on the weekends together.

Who we are

Airwallet is based in Odense, Denmark. Our customer success team, product- & software developers work from our HQ. The partner relationship managers split their time between the HQ and visiting partners around the world. If you want to say ‘Hi’ you are always welcome to visit us at:

Pakhusgården 28, 5000 Odense C, Denmark

611 N Golf Dr, Hollywood, FL 33021, USA

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