Airwallet for Technicians

Super easy
to install

Airwallet is installed on thousands of machines worldwide – working on all brands and models, from the 80s to the new ones right off the production line.

Install in 30 minutes

No WiFi or cable internet required

You can install Airwallet in less than 30 minutes on your machines and it works on all your laundries with a 3G or 4G cellular connection.

The Airwallet app relies on the user’s smartphone connection to confirm the payment. On sites with no or poor cellular connection, you can still connect the Airwallet system to WiFi.

Works on your machine

Instructions for all

Save installation time with our detailed guides for your machine. We specialize in payment systems for laundry machines and have helped hundreds of technicians with a quick setup. Get started now by finding a guide for your machine or contact our support.

installation guides

Set up the machines

Create and edit machines
on the Dashboard

Configure the machines to your users’ needs. Washers with multi-priced vend, dryers with time intervals, or something third. Contact us to get listed as an Airwallet technician and speed up your installation and test process.

Get started now by creating an account on the Dashboard.

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Accept payments from anywhere in the world

Airwallet works in laundries in more than 45 countries

Please contact us, if you cannot find your country on the list yet, at [email protected]. We add new countries to the list every month.

One box per machine

The Airwallet product

The Airwallet PRO enables you to accept payment on your laundry equipment. Built for fast and easy installation with no need for WiFi or connecting the machines to the Internet. The Airwallet products connect automatically via Bluetooth® wireless technology and work within a 20-meter radius. The Airwallet PRO has a potential-free relay for sending start signals to the machine. The device can also monitor AC or DC busy signals reported from the machine to avoid double payments. The Airwallet PRO has ‘over-the-air’ (OTA) capabilities futureproofing your laundry against changing regulations and guaranteeing you free access to new features as soon as they are released. The updates are automatically sent through the Airwallet app, with no need for having technicians on site.

107mm x 73mm x 28mm

Powered with 100-240VAC or 24 VDC

Start signals with potential-free relay

Busy signal with AC or DC feedback

Works with Bluetooth® wireless technology 4.2-5.0

Get started right

Works with all machines

Electrolux, Miele, IPSO, Asko, Girbau, Schulthess, Whirlpool, Fagor, Maytag, Merker, LG, Domus, Speed Queen, UniMac, Nortec, and many more …

Airwallet is compatible with all popular brands and models of laundry equipment. We love to help distributors and technicians get started installing Airwallet – so do not hesitate to contact us, if you don’t find your machine in our knowledge base 😊