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12 month warranty

Airwallet provides a 12-month warranty beginning on the delivery date of the unit. During this 12-month period, Airwallet guarantees that the unit is free from material defects that prevent normal operation.

Airwallet is not responsible for any damage or defect to the unit caused by normal wear, improper use or accident, malicious damage, danger, excess humidity, fluid content, electrical voltage or other environmental conditions not commonly found in a normal safe working environment. Airwallet will not be liable if the error occurs because you have not followed Airwallet’s written instructions regarding storage, installation, use or maintenance of the device, or if you modify or attempt to repair the relevant device without Airwallet’s written consent. Airwallet’s warranty does not include cables, accessories, connectors, or power supply units.

It is your responsibility to return the defective unit to Airwallet. Airwallet will, at its discretion, either repair or replace defective devices within 30 days from the date of receiving the device. Airwallet recommends that you check the unit carefully before shipping, to make sure it is defective. Any device returned that has not been found to be defective or has been damaged or abused by you will be returned to you and you will be billed for the shipping cost. A repaired or replaced unit retains the guarantee for the uninterrupted part of the original warranty.

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