Installation Instructions


If your Airwallet isn't working

If your Airwallet is not working, here is a guide to what to do.

I received my device but it is not set up for my situation.
If your Airwallet is not already set up, write [email protected] to set or change it:

  • The unit’s name
  • Price
  • Minimum price
  • Maximum time
  • Time delay
  • Introductory Discount
  • Program

Enter the product serial number in the subject field. It can be found on the lid or the back panel of the Airwallet unit.

Why doesn’t my service appear in the app?
Make sure you have allowed the app to use Bluetooth and location sharing.
Remember to turn on Bluetooth to find the Airwallet device.

Ensure that you have the latest version of the Airwallet app for your mobile device.

If you just received your Airwallet device, it may not be set yet. If you have already set your device in the Dashboard it may take up to 2 hours for the settings to take effect. Contact us, if you still have problems with your Airwallet.

My Airwallet worked before but does not work now
Try restarting the device. This can be done by turning off the power to the service for which the unit is mounted.

For installers
The unit can also be restarted by removing the cover on the Airwallet and pressing the black button located on the center of the PCB.

Other problems
If the above procedures did not resolve the issue, please contact our
support team,  so they can help me.

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