About Airwallet

The story behind Airwallet

This is how the idea came about

The idea behind Airwallet arose in frustration at not having more coins left in the apartment on wash day. Thus, we couldn’t wash our clothes that day. It was bad customer experience and it resulted in lost sales in the communal laundry for the apartment administration.

Although the problem of using coins could be solved by upgrading to mobile payment, the housing company was not interested in this. Upgrading was too expensive and the payback time on the investment was too long.

Therefore, it became Airwallet’s vision to offer upgrades to mobile payments so that even the smallest companies can keep up with the times and offer mobile payment to their customers. Airwallet’s innovative interplay between software and hardware enables all unmanned services to upgrade to mobile payment so that all businesses, regardless of size, can keep up with the times.

Here are we today

Today we have developed two competitive products (Airwallet PRO and R2). In combination with our Airwallet smartphone app and web-based dashboard, this provides a solution that lives up to today’s mobile payment at an extremely advantageous price.

The products have attracted great interest in industries that work with solariums and communal laundry services. We also see big unexplored potential in other segments.

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