Mobile payment for your service

The modern end-to-end mobile payment systems is tailored for unmanned services’

-Easy to administer at an affordable price.


Installation GUIDE

The installation of Airwallet products is easy and can be done by your company or one of our professional nation-wide electrical installers.

The installation usually takes 60 min. per device for our installers.


We offer installation of simple but effective marketing cost-free, to inform your users they can pay with their smartphone.

If DIY is preferred posters and stickers will be sent to you.

AIrwallet App

The Airwallet app is free to download in either App Store or Google Play. The user enters their credit card in Airwallet and can now pay for Airwallet connected services.

You will be disbursed once a month.

Airwallet Dashboard

All customers are granted access to the Airwallet dashboard. Here you can oversee your business, and change parameters on each service connected to Airwallet.

You are in control of all your services from the Airwallet dashboard.

Two different solutions

Airwallet PRO

Mobile payment to 1 professional machine
2.595 DKK ex. VAT & delivery
  • Fast and easy installation
  • No expenses for sim-card or internet connection

Airwallet R2

Mobile payment to 2 household machines
3.195 DKK ex. VAT & delivery
  • Fast and easy installation
  • No expenses for sim-card or internet connection

Airwallet PRO & R2

Integration to your machine

Airwallet PRO & R2 is our smartest products to date. The devices communicate with the users smartphones with modern bluetooth technology. Data entered into the app is handled and stored in the Airwallet cloud and the service is controlled by the Airwallet device.

The devices can be installed solo or in parallel with a coin accepter with limited functionalities. All Airwallet devices comes with 12 months warranty from the day the product is delivered or picked up.

Fits your needs

Airwallet PRO is minimalistic and easy to install. With the twin-system Airwallet PRO mounts on almost all unmanned services in the world. Your installers decides if they want to use 85-250V AC or 24 V DC.

Check out out installation manual for more information.

Easy to mount

With the Airwallet PRO mount you can easy install the device on a wall close to your service or protected inside it.

The mounting element can be installed with screws or with double-sided adhesive foil for a faster installation.

The device is secured to the mounting surface and fastened with a locking pin, to avoid maintenance issues.


Accept mobile payment

All companies are different but mutually they need a solution for accepting payments.

Airwallet PRO is quick and easy to use and is empowering you to accept mobile payment wherever you need to offer your users a service without being present.


The time it takes to make a transaction in the Airwallet app

Easy setup

With the Airwallet dashboard your can setup your services and receive payment minutes later.

Accept all regular cards

Also international credit cards

10 x 6.2 x 2.6 cm

Measurements on Airwallet PRO

450 GRAM

The weight of Airwallet PRO

60 Minutes

The average time to mount and install the Airwallet PRO


We inform your users of Airwallet

We have tested various solutions and found the perfect combination of marketing material. This secures high adoption and customer satisfaction from the beginning. Our installers will ensure to install the marketing material.

When you purchase a Airwallet R2 or PRO posters and stickers are included in the price. Additional marketing material can be purchased. You will get started easily by creating an account to the Airwallet dashboard.

Airwallet marketing

Modernize your services and reduce your costs today!

A modern mobile payment system specially developed for unmanned services’
– Easy administration at an affordable price.

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