Benefits of
being a partner

Being our partner means a lot more than just being able to sell a modern and user-friendly mobile payment solution. You also become part of our community of laundromat experts and get access to lots of exciting benefits.

Be displayed on our partner map

Get qualified leads from Airwallet

As an official partner, you will be displayed on our website on the Airwallet partner overview. Here you will get a pin on our map and can specify how your company stands out from the crowd. This helps customers in your region find and contact you directly.

We also like to collaborate on social media and help you boost your visibility and close your first order. On top of that, you get the official Airwallet Partner Certification stamp.

Keep control with the Operator Dashboard

Manage your customers

Get access to the Operator Dashboard including features like:

  • Revenue Splitter – Less administration by automating revenue share
  • Contracts – Keep track and manage all your contracts directly in the system
  • Actions – Stay up to date on what’s going on in your customer’s locations and solve issues from anywhere
  • Refunds – Refund users in case something went wrong

To sum up – the Operator Dashboard helps you save time on paperwork and keep track of how your locations are performing.

Elevate Your Brand Experience

Customize the Payment App

Are you looking to infuse your laundries with a more personalized flair that truly reflects your brand identity? Transform the customer experience by integrating your brand seamlessly into our payment application. Offer your customers a unified experience by adopting our payment app, tailored to embody the essence of your company. This approach not only reinforces your brand presence but also enriches the user journey with a distinct and cohesive visual identity.

Embrace the opportunity to make your payment solution an extension of your brand. Contact us to discover how you can customize our application to align perfectly with your company’s design ethos.

Keep an overview

Analytics & Insights

The Operator Dashboard gives you insights into how your locations, machines, laundromats, and customers are performing.

You can view and get statistics with the number of machine starts per day, development of revenue, top-performing locations, upcoming and past payouts, number of active users, and get a quick overview of all the transactions made.

A complete package for your laundry

Free Marketing & Info material

Every order comes with a pack of free marketing and information material. On top of that, you get access to the Airwallet Partner Stamp and sales material you can use on your website or hand out to your customers and their laundromat users.

Under Resources ➜ WISER, you can also find posters, flyers, and other decorations to spice up your laundromat.

Get your team up to speed

Airwallet Sales &
Tech training

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your sales team on board with selling new products and for technicians to understand them. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

We provide exclusive onboarding and training sessions for you and your teams to make sure you have the necessary know-how and access to all the relevant tools for a successful installation and continuous growth of your business.

Become partner

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