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Do you share profits with your customers or get a part of the revenue? With the Revenue Splitter, you can automate this process and share revenue directly from the Dashboard – without any additional costs or administrative efforts.

Manage your investments

When investing in new laundries you want to keep an overview, reduce risk and get as much out of it as possible. With Contracts, you get insights into how your contracts are performing and you see directly when they are up for renewal.

Insights into your fleet

Actions send real-time alerts about potential issues such as power outages, machine breakdowns, and configuration errors, helping you swiftly address them and keep customers happy while streamlining your laundry management.

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Laundromat users nowadays usually don’t carry cash with them anymore. Airwallet provides cashless payment systems that are easy to use for everybody. By offering more payment methods with the mobile payment app and accepting credit cards, the laundromat experience becomes easier and more convenient for users. Now users don’t have to hunt for coins anymore to pay for a washer or dryer. This improves laundromat productivity and reduces administrative efforts.

More convenience for laundromat owners and users results in more sales and an increase in revenue for your business.

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We take our customers’ needs & requests seriously. At Airwallet we continuously develop new features based on the feedback we receive from our partners – all focused on the laundry industry. Thanks to that we are able to create much more than just a user-friendly cashless payment solution.

With Airwallet you can manage your and your customers’ laundromats 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The Airwallet laundry management system allows you and your customers to make refunds, view real-time transactions, remote start machines, put machines under maintenance, change pricing, share revenue, and more – directly from your Dashboard.

This reduces hours on-site and administrational tasks and offers new opportunities for exciting business models.

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With Airwallet you always get the best support in multiple languages – for you, your technicians as well as your customers and laundromat users.

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Our dedicated support team is available for you on the phone, via email, and via chat every day of the week and fixes 92% of problems immediately.

Always up to date

Software updates are done remotely, minimizing the effort required to maintain the payment system. The hardware is resilient and highly secured to prevent vandalism.

Get a solid onboarding

Airwallet is easy to install – it usually just takes around 30 minutes to set up and works on all types of machines. We have also created a knowledge center with installation videos and guides for all popular brands.

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