From the Airwallet family


From the Airwallet family

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L’EASY Business is a Danish distributor of laundry equipment and they approached Airwallet in early 2018 because they had three critical issues in their business. First, they spend a lot of time bookkeeping transactions, replacing laundry cards, and collecting coins. Second, they had no knowledge about machine utilization. And third, when users experienced problems in the laundry, they had to go through a tedious process to refund the money. The impact of this was that they wasted too much time on things that didn’t matter, they had no transparency into how their laundries were performing, and users were complaining that they had to wait for the refund.

 L’EASYs basic needs were a platform that would give them an informed position about their business, and enable them to provide better customer support. Furthermore they wanted an insight into the daily machines usage presented in a manageable way.


By partnering up with Airwallet, L’EASY was able to solve the issues they were facing. Airwallet provided a user friendly dashboard that gave full insight into how their laundries were performing, with the opportunity to give instant refunds if the users experienced any problems and thereby increase customer satisfaction. No more manual data gathering or managing laundry cards – freeing up a significant amount of L’EASYs administration time.

“We believe that Airwallet has given us the opportunity to live up to our motto, ‘Our customer is the king.’ Because with Airwallet we are not dependent on somebody else to communicate with our customers, so that leaves us with full control.”

Airwallet Customer

Bøg Madsen Properties

We had problems with burglaries

Bøg Madsen Properties is a well-renowned property owner in the center of Denmark managed by Nina Bøg Madsen. Nina had problems with burglary in their laundry basements, creating an unsafe environment for the tenants. When she had to replace the broken coin acceptor she found Airwallet.

Airwallet solved this problem and more

By installing a cashless payment solution from Airwallet she got rid of the burglars and the tenants could safely go to their laundry basement again. As an added value Nina also found that her tenants started using the laundry basement more, because it was easier for the tenants and they no longer needed coins to do their laundry. 

“With Airwallet it is a lot easier to keep track of my revenue streams, because i receive a monthly settlement with all details ready for my accountant.”

“Airwallet is also a huge time-saver compared to what we did previously, each month we save 10 hours in administration totalling at 120 hours saved yearly on our 6 properties.”

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